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Infertility/ IVF

  • Advanced technology for IVF treatment
  • Specialized IVF Laboratory with state of the art equipment
  • Experienced Specialists
  • Systematic Treatment under One Roof
  • Positive Results

The Purpose & Pursuit

  • Transparency and accuracy in infertility treatment methodology
  • Advanced diagnosis to detect the main cause of infertility
  • Meet the success in treatment, regardless of age or the reasons for infertility.
  • Regular research to keep up with new methods and techniques of IVF treatment
  • Provide the best technical support in IVF procedure
  • Support the couples mentally and provide consistent therapy until success is achieved

Pediatric Urology

  • Rare Skillset and Expertise available
  • Competent Anesthesia Team
  • Pediatric Specific Imaging and Investigations
  • Specific Cutting Edge Endo-Uro Instrumentation

Reconstructive Urology

  • Complex Supra Major Surgeries
  • Referral Center
  • Expertise in treating Urinary Incontinence

Neuro Urology & Uro Dynamics

  • Pediatric Uro Dynamics Capability
  • Specifically Trained and Experienced Consultant
  • Special Unit – Nursing and Technician

Uro Oncology

  • Tumor Board Governed
  • Superior Outcomes/Results
  • Comprehensive Treatment under one Roof

Pediatric Nephrology

  • One of the very few Centers in India
  • Committed Resources

Kidney Transplantation

  • Active Cadaver Transplantation Program
  • Living Donors-Laparoscopic Kidney Retrieval
  • 200+ Kidney Transplants @ NU – Team


  • End to End Full Spectrum Service
  • Leading to Integrated Assisted Reproductive Techniques

Laparoscopic Urology

  • Most Advanced Urological Surgeries
  • Less In Hospital Stay, Quick Recovery, Accelerated Normalcy, Faster Back to Work
  • Specialized State of Art Infrastructure
  • Highly Trained Cohesive Team

Preventive Nephrology

  • Lifestyle Management – Hypertensive-Diabetics
  • Specialty Education Programs- Renal Disorders

The Purpose & Pursuit

  • Preservation of Kidney Function in the Human Race
  • Meet the critical need in treating Urinary Tract Disorders which transcends age and sex in the population
  • Harnessing the technological advancement in Urological Science -Better Treatment – Better Outcome- Better Living
  • Prevent and Pre-empt Nephro-Uro Disorders

The Future Scenario: Platform to capitalize on the potent

Healthscope evolving from Generic Uro-Nephro practice to Sub Specialty practice

Higher incidence of Pediatric Urology and Nephrology Disorders in a Younger World

Increased Life Expectancy resulting in lifestyle diseases ultimately leading to Kidney Disorders & Urological Cancers

Rising incidence of Male and Female Infertility

Robotic and Laparoscopic Minimally Invasive procedures to treat Urological Disorders

Competitive Advantage- Optimization & Leveraging of Existing Facility & Resources

  • Abundant Existing Super Specialist Consultant Pool
  • Domain Expertise and Protocols in place resulting in almost zero gestation
  • Centralized Facilities – Laboratory (Advanced Tests), Personnel Training (Medical), Procurement, and Enterprise Function (F&A, HR, Admin, IT..)

Team NU: Stands Apart

Dedicated Nephro-urology Hospital: Best in Class Specialists in Nephro-Urology Care

Vast Medical Experience in Nephro-Urology Care: Superior Yet Affordable Nephro-Urology Care

Total Medicare Solutions: Protocolised Medical Care

Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) : Detailed Medical Explanation Using Multimedia

Detailed Evaluation: Collective Decision-Making

Tertiary Care Center: Individualized post-operative care

Excellent Diagnostic Facilities: Cutting Edge Research

Postgraduate Nephro-urology Center: Best In Breed Team

State of the art – best in class

  • Fresenius TDMS software, for dialysis remote monitoring by Nephrologists
  • Fresenius RO plant, superior quality water gives better dialysis and longer life to the dialyzer
  • Flexible ureteroscope with laser for stones and for renal papillary necrosis removal
  • Point of care ultrasound for anesthesia related work
  • Flexible cystoscope to make cystoscopy pain free
  • Bio Clad operation theatres and it’s benefits
  • State of the art IVF lab
  • Laser for the prostate
  • Advanced laparoscopic urological work
  • Video urodynamics and Bio-Feedback at the center of excellence for Neuro Urology
  • All motorized cots throughout the hospital improving patient comfort
  • Specialized pressure sore prevention mattresses throughout the hospital
  • All equipment in LAB Interfaced with the HMIS decreasing errors and improving result turn around time
  • Video Co-Consultation network
  • NABH and NABL facility
  • PACS integrating the entire image viewing and radio diagnosis facility
  • Centralized monitoring system for all refrigerators in the hospital (first in Bangalore)
  • Use of CCTV monitoring for clinical quality monitoring eg: Hand hygiene monitoring (first in India)
  • Patient feedback system (Tablet based)
  • Centralized monitoring system for all air conditions in OT, IVF Lab, IT Server Room and Lab where temperature, humidity and pressures are monitored (First in Bangalore)
  • State of the art Bi-directional Audio – Video link between OT and the conference rooms enabling live operative workshops, training etc
  • Seamless transfer of all patient data live between centers, NU South and NU West, has point to point connectivity with 20 Mbps line, hence all Radiology Images, HMIS will be live though 15 km apart
  • State of the art IT Severs, Thin clients, Up Time, Redundancy and Back up Systems (Best in Bangalore), more details can be provided if needed
  • Plasma Steriliser (For all Endoscopic equipment), NU South was first in Karnataka and fully automated ETO machine and Steam Steriliser will make up a modern CSSD at NU West

NU Hospitals has been pioneering in Nephrology, Urology and Fertility (IVF) treatment over the last 20 years. Our highly specialised experts are richly experienced in treating rare and complex conditions. It was one of the first in Karnataka to conduct a successful kidney transplantation surgery and also the first to equip Urology department with the most advanced flexible endoscopes. Having a robust team of subspecialty specific urology team at NU has significantly improved the overall success rates. Men’s Health Clinic is one of its kind in South-India dealing with Men’s Sexual and Reproductive Health. Our Male and Female Fertility (IVF) specialists comprehensively support the couples with the latest treatment and heartfelt compassion every step along the path to parenthood. At NU, every aspect of healthcare is coordinated and the entire team works together to provide exactly the care one needs. We are constantly updating the policies and collaborations to ensure that people in need are getting access to the most cutting-edge care and treatment.

Public Notice: NU Hospitals would like to inform the general public that NU Hospitals practices all organ transplants in accordance with The Transplantation of Human Organs Act 1994.
NU Hospitals do not buy or sell any organ and seriously condemn the act. NU Hospitals do not by any nature seek your personal information such as name, telephone, address or banking details for any purpose.