N U Hospitals is the only stand-alone Nephro-Urology hospital in India offering quaternary care. We are a Super Specialty Hospital and a Renal Transplant Centre.

The hospital has a separate sub-specialty for treating children with Kidney and Bladder diseases. N U Hospitals is the final destination for all Nephrological and Urological related issues.

As a hospital seeking second opinion we can offer you assistance in the following:


The hospital has a multidisciplinary team of Super Specialists, Pediatric Urologists, Pathologists and Technicians. In house consultants in Nephrology and Urology are available Full-Time.


  • N U Hospitals offers specialist treatment procedures in Nephrology and Urology. Nephrological services comprises of General Nephrology, Dialysis, Renal Transplants, etc. Urological services include Andrology, Kidney Stones, Pediatric Urology, Re-constructive Urology, etc.
  • Pediatric Uro-Nephrology
  • We have qualified pediatric urologists proficient in pediatric surgeries, treatment of kidney and bladder diseases and non-invasive, laparoscopic surgeries

Home Dialysis Services

  • N U Hospitals offers home dialysis services
  • N U Hospitals provides you with many channels of communication. You may reach us through any one of them and we would be only too happy to be of assistance to you.
  • E-mail
  • Webchat
  • Skype
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