When life throws problems at us we are generally caught unawares. In such situations it is natural to seek the advice and comfort of loved ones and close friends. One faces the same situation when the body decides to throw surprises at us. It can be confusing, shocking and depressing to say the least.

The logical step would be a visit to the doctor followed by preliminary diagnosis, investigations etc. But what does one do when the reports are confusing, the prognosis doubtful or unpleasant and there is more chaos rather than clarity and clear directions?

N U Hospitals has a word of advice. For medical related issues it is always prudent and advisable to consult a qualified doctor and get the doubts cleared rather than a lay person as the problem can get compounded rather than being simplified not to forget the precious loss of time.

N U Hospitals is your on call 24 x 7 friendly doctor available to give you a patient hearing or offer a second opinion on all Nephro-Urological problems. One may contact the

Hospital for any one of the following reasons:

  • You may notice a change in the normal functioning of the body and are concerned
  • You may have been diagnosed with a certain ailment and you would like to seek a second opinion about it
  • You may be unable to interpret the scanning reports or understand its conclusions or have doubts about the readings
  • The medications you have been taking or the treatments you have been undergoing for a fairly long time is not showing any positive results
  • You may wish a second pathological opinion

Whatever the case maybe, we recommend the patient visit our hospital with all reports and prescriptions and consult our in-house doctors.

If for some reason it is impossible to visit owing to distance or any other reason then, please utilize any one of the following channels to

 communicate with our doctors. Remember, we are just a call away from you!