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The Bladder Diary Instruction and recorded chart information can help you and your healthcare provider to understand your fluid balance, urinary frequency, functional bladder capacity. Below are the important points of Bladder Diary.

  1. Please maintain your regular fluid intake and normal voiding (passing urine) pattern when you record this bladder diary. Do not make any changes for the sake of this charting.
  2. When asked to maintain a 24-hour chart, please discard the first urination volume on the first day. Start the recording after the first urination, when you get up in the morning.
  3. You, however, will need to include the first urination of the next morning, to the previous nights charting, to complete the 24-hour chart.
  4. Record each void in the columns provided, on the back of this paper, along with the time and quantity, accurately. If you have missed any urinated volumes or had urine leak that also must be mentioned, but it is not advisable to miss even a single urine volume.
  5. Record the time using the AM/PM column. 12 midnight and 12 noon must be recorded as MN and Noon respectively.
  6. Record all types of fluid intake, which will include water, milk, coffee, juices, alcohol, water along with food etc. It is easier if you drink all these out of one single graduated tumbler for this period.
  7. Total the fluid intake and the urine output in the respective columns provided.
  8. You must use the urine-collecting jar dispensed at our pharmacy only, as it has been accurately calibrated.
  9. On the day of review, visit your nurse to ensure that the chart is correct before meeting the doctor.
  10. Feel free to discuss with your nurse if you have any further queries.

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