Collection of Urine Sample for Urine Culture

Urine Sample - NU Hospitals


  • Make sure your Name, Hosp No., Date & the test name is entered on the label before you begin to collect the sample
  • Wash your hands to make sure they are clean before collecting urine.
  • Clean the area around your genitals with soap and water
  • Men should retract the foreskin and clean the penis with soap and water
  • Women should clean the area around their vagina with soap and water
  • Remove the lid of the container and set it down with the inner surface up
  • Do not touch the inner surface of the lid or the container with your fingers or genitals
  • After cleaning, begin urinating into the toilet
  • After the urine has flowed for several seconds, place the collection container in the stream and collect about 10 ml of this “midstream” urine without interrupting the flow
  • Make sure that the rim of the container does not come into contact with the genitals.
  • Complete rest of the urination into the toilet.
  • Replace the lid on the container.  Wash your hands.  Return the container to the lab.

What if I have a urine bag?

Do not give urine from the bag. Inform the same to the lab staff who direct you to the urology nurse who will take urine from the ‘y’ junction area of the catheter using a disposable syringe and needle. In case catheter is due for change, urine for culture will be sent from new catheter.

What if I have continuous leak of urine & wearing diaper?

Again inform the same to the lab staff, who will direct you to the Urology nurse. Urine will be collected by a straight catheterization technique.

What if I am on CIC (self catheterization)?

Inform the same to the lab staff, who will direct you to the Urology nurse. Using a new catheter and sterile technique CIC would be done & urine will be sent for culture.

What if I have a urostomy?

Inform the same to the lab staff, who will direct you to the Urology nurse. Ensure you have a new stoma bag as after the procedure a new bag has to be fixed. Urine will be collected by passing a small tube into the stoma by sterile technique.


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