Guide to undergoing IVF Alone

Guide to undergoing IVF Alone - NU Hospitals

Infertility has always been a challenge for couples to cope with. However, with the vastly successful IVF treatment, more couples have gathered hope and are certain to enjoy family life. IVF has opened up options both for couples as well as single people to start a family. Though the process can be a bit daunting, it is more easily accessible than before.

People deciding to undergo solo fertility treatment have certain things to be aware of and take appropriate measures. Here’s what you can look forward to.

Taking up the IVF treatment alone

Parents undoubtedly will experience stress and anxiety from the time they decide to have a family. The wish to have a family is the only thing that keeps circulating around their minds. This can lead to depression, especially when you want to go it all alone.

However, it is interesting to hear that the number of people wanting to take up the treatment alone has increased rapidly. Hence, if you are thinking of taking a decision to go solo but are not sure where to start, it is likely that the support and guidance you might receive might be similar to those that couples receive when they plan together.

How taking up IVF alone is different to those taken by couples?

Since taking that first step to avail of an IVF treatment alone can be mentally stressful, having a friend or a family member with you who knows exactly what you are doing and how are you feeling can help a long way in the early stages of the treatment.

Seasoned medical experts associated with NU Hospital rated as the best fertility care centre in India and overseas are of the opinion that the route into fertility treatment for a single person may slightly vary if they opt to use a sperm donor. It is very important to clearly understand the steps involved and attend the counselling sessions conducted by your fertility expert.

Different types of Fertility Treatments

Though fertility treatments available are categorized into three different types; Medical, Surgical and Assisted Conception, if you are planning to go for it alone, then it is highly likely that you are recommended the assisted conception method. This method involves treatments like IVF and IUI.

However, if you decide on availing the treatment alone, you may require the support of a sperm donor. This might lengthen the time of the treatment. Before choosing the donor, you can also study the donor with respect to his health conditions and fitness.

Legal Implications

You might have to get some points legally cleared before getting into the IVF treatment alone. This is because you could well become the solo parent for your child and might face questions with respect to your marital status. A medico-legal expert’s view can be helpful in taking the correct decision.

Gathering Emotional Support

Once you have decided on taking the IVF treatment alone and chosen the sperm donor, you can begin your treatment. However, having the support of friends and family members around you can help you face the emotional and mental strain of an IVF treatment Hospitals in a more assured way. In fact, keeping a select group of individuals whom you trust the most would just be great.

The Bottom Line

Starting fertility treatment as a single person can be very exciting but at the same time equally daunting. To know how to have a trouble-free journey please feel free to connect with our Fertility experts at NU Hospital, your trusted partner for Fertility care.

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