Patient And Family Rights & Responsibilities

Patient And Family Rights & Responsibilities

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Patient and Family Rights & Responsibilities

As a patient and family, you have certain rights and responsibilities.

These rights and responsibilities have been framed to ensure that you receive medical care of the highest standards and to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible

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As a patient / family  you have the following rights:
Deserve to be treated with dignity and

The right to request for any information about your condition and be provided with that information

You are entitled to ask for, and obtain copies of the records pertaining to your medical care.

Do this without hesitation.

All medical records, whether prepared in our hospital or elsewhere,

will remain the property of the hospital, once you have started your treatment here.

These records will remain confidential

You have the right to receive medical care that is of accepted standards,

As per the standards set within the country, and even as per some of the standards that have been set in the

You are entitled to the same level of medical care, irrespective of the ward you are admitted

Ask for and consult with any doctor or doctors in our panel of doctors, without prejudice

Do this at any point of time during the course of your medical care

patient confidentiality and privacy, privacy during examination, procedures and treatment.

You have the right to a second to refuse

However, this decision will have to be taken by you at your own risk.

We cannot be held responsible for any consequence(s), medical or otherwise, arising due to your refusal to be treated against the advice of a medical professional(s).

You have the right to receive medical treatment and hospital services for which you have paid for irrespective of socio-economic status, religion, caste, cultural preferences, linguistic and geographical origins.

Political affiliations, age, gender, sexual orientation, type of primary or associated illness.

You have the right to ask for any information and clarify any doubts about the particulars of your

Right to  protection from physical abuse or neglect.

To  informed consent before transfusion of blood and blood products,  anesthesia, surgery, initiation of any research protocol, and any other invasive / high risk procedures / treatment,

All medical records,whether prepared in our hospital or elsewhere, will remain the property  of the hospital, once you have started your treatment here.

However, you will be provided a copy of the same, if required.

Know about risks, benefits, expected treatment outcomes

possible complications to enable you to make informed decisions

involve in the care planning and delivery process.

You have the right to voice your complaint to Patient Relationship Manager.

To appropriate authority in hospital.

You may obtain information on how to voice a complaint from the Front office.

You have the right to a fair and prompt hearing of your concerns.

Patient and Family Responsibilities

As a patient and family , you also have the following responsibilities:

Please bring with you all your medical records, lab reports, x-rays, scans,

That provide a record of your medical history at the time of admission.

keep up all your appointments and follow-up If unable to do so,

Call and inform us at the earliest that you are not able to keep your appointment.

provide the medical insurance card during admission if you will be paying through insurance.

Strictly follow the treatment plan that has been prescribed for your

Take the medicines prescribed on time as per the doctor's advice.

Ensure that you retain all your medical records in the correct

Bring them along with you every time you visit the doctor(s).

ensure that you do not take up the time of the medical professionals through

That you contact the doctors outside hospital hours only in the case of an emergency.

you immediately bring to the notice of the management,

any shortcoming (s) in your care at the hospital.

Do not with hold any information about your condition from the doctor

Treating you or from the hospital staff.

abide by the hospital’s rules and regulations and family/ visitors visit timings.

pay your medical bills and other hospital bills promptly and on time whenever demanded.

converse and treat the hospital staff with dignity, respect and also your fellow patients with respect.

do not disturb the peace and quiet of the Hospital atmosphere by speaking or arguing in loud voice and speaking on cell phones in loud voice.

take care of Hospital property and do not attempt to damage or deface hospital property.

take care not to venture in to no access zones or area’s of the hospital and do not leave children and toddlers alone in the hospital premises.