Is responsible for the day-to-day operational support of Hospital systems.

Is responsible for the procurement/design of application software packages in line with authorised policy decisions.

Implements these packages in conjunction with vendor personnel.

Trains hospital users and develops system interfaces to link various packages into a consistent whole.


Operations Support

Manages and maintains the hardware and networking infrastructure in conjunction with approved third party support organisations;

Operates a help desk on which users requests for assistance are tracked and processed;

Provides day-to-day support with the routine running of the computer systems in the Hospital;

Supports the hardware and software which is in use within the Hospital.

Computer Training

Provides training in basic office productivity tools – to the extent that these are justified;

Provides training to the end user community in the hospital on various aspects of the software solutions which are implemented.

Computer Development

Creates new software applications as these are approved;

Develops additional functionality, user reports, data extracts, etc as required by authorised users from time to time;

Responsible for supporting third party software products which have been introduced to the Hospital – in a first-line support capacity.


Maintains liaison communication with the user community within the Hospital;

Manages the day-to-day organisation of the department – financial, communication, HR, inventory management, etc.

Negotiates support and procurement agreements with qualified independent vendors.