Welcome to the Nursing department of NU Hospitals. The department led by Mrs. Suryakumari, provides exemplary, comprehensive and holistic care to all our patients. The department intends to develop and provide quality nursing care to patients and their families in line with vision and mission of the hospital.

We are committed to a “Patient First” philosophy for delivering quality care in the safest environment possible.

Nurses are motivated to meet this challenge by offering education in nursing skills through regular Continuing Nursing Educations (CNE), workshops and seminars.

Various areas of Nursing care:

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

The 4 bedded ICU is a well staffed and equipped unit treats patients with life threatening nephrological and urological disorders and provides critical post-operative care for certain surgical patients.

Department in charge: Dr. Rupam Sinha


Well trained nurses are available for any assistance at any time. Ward nurses are also trained to handle post-operative patients.

Operation Theatre (OT)

OT nurses are able to assist urological including laparoscopic surgeries.

In charge- Mrs. Nethravathy B S


Procedure room

Nurses in the procedure room are well trained and specialized in urological procedures. The department also gives training to other nurses in the hospital in different procedures. Specialist Urology Nurses are at work here.

Operation time: 8 am to 8 pm

In charge: Abin Simon

 OT Assistant Manager-Nethra

Counseling room

Nurse counselors perform counseling for self catheterization, behavioral therapy etc. Education for patients and family is also being done in the unit with adequate audio visual aids and instruction notes.

Operation time: 8 am to 8 pm


Urodynamic Lab

The unit has a well trained nurse, Miss. Bhargavi V. A, to perform uroflowmetry and to assist urologists in Urodynamic Tests

Operation time: 9 am to 6 pm.

Renal Transplant Room

A well trained nurse provides care for renal transplant patients (recipients) in an appropriately equipped room.

 Procedure room nurses-Specialized in Urology

Infection Control and Prevention

Hospital has a committee for Hospital Infection Control chaired by a senior consultant. Although the committee has surveillants from different medical departments, nurses represent a good strength. These surveillants do daily rounds in the various areas of the hospital to ensure prevention of infection.

Training Room


A training room equipped with manikins helps nurses to get trained themselves. The room also has a ‘catheter and tubing’ display to orient newly joining nurses.