Pharmacy services are an important part of the array of medical services we offer our patrons. Our unique features are:

  • In-house Pharmacy: Our in-house pharmacy means that our inpatients and outpatients can conveniently buy medicines at the hospital itself.
  • 24-hour Pharmacy: We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – because we understand that medicines are something that you may require at any time.
  • Specialists in Nephro-urology Drugs: Being a dedicated nephro-urology hospital, we specialise in nephro-urology drugs that include medicinal drugs relating to infertility and andrology.
  • Large Stock of Medicinal Drugs: Presently, we stock 1,200 varieties of drugs.
  • Home Delivery of Medicine:
  • Home delivery of CAPD fluids: You can also order CAPD fluids as prescribed from home itself. We deliver CAPD fluids within Bangalore and outside Bangalore also.


We provide 10% discount on MRP (Maximum Retail Price) for following:

  • Medications after Kidney Transplant
  • BP (Blood Pressure) Apparatus
  • Blood sugar monitoring machine – Glucometer

You can order medicines from our pharmacy from the comfort of your home. We conduct home delivery of medicines within Bangalore.

To order over the phone, please call 080- 42489999 or 080-42489905 or or 080-42489970.