NU has Protocol Systems at All Levels

NU has excellent infection control practice systems for minimizing drug resistance of antibiotics.

NU has the best of facilities to treat Urinary Stones in  Any Part of the Urinary Tract.

NU is the Destination Centre for patients with Neurogenic Bladder

NU is renowned for the Largest Number of Urethral  Reconstructive Surgery

NU provides Hemodialysis and Home Dialysis Services

NU performs Renal Transplantation Surgeries and Provides Utmost Postoperative Care

NU was one among the first to do a kidney transplant in Karnataka.

NU has been providing Nephrology and Urology care for almost 25 years.

NU is the only standalone Nephrology & Urology hospital in the country to be NABH and NABL Accredited.

NU is one of the few centers in Karnataka to do Pediatric Urological Surgeries and have a Qualified Pediatric Urologist on board.

NU Hospitals has a separate sub-specialty for Treating Children with Kidney and Bladder Diseases.

NU is a Tertiary Care Hospital for Nephrology and Urology

NU does Minimal Invasive Surgeries & Laparoscopic Urological Surgeries in both Adults and Children.

NU has dedicated Full Time In House Consultants in Nephrology and Urology