Dr. A. Anitha

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Senior Consultant- Nephrology


Honesty and determination are valued qualities that a doctor has to possess and hence I would be happy to work with people with similar viewpoints. In health, “prevention is better than cure” and I would like to work from secondary prevention to primary and primordial prevention. Patient care should reach every corner of India. Share information and knowledge; that is how it grows.

Academic:: Dr. Anitha has taken care of outpatients and inpatients independently. Among the dialysis modalities, both hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis are complementary and hence have closely monitored patients on both these forms of dialysis. There was ample exposure to procedures like central line (regular / tunneled catheter) placement, renal biopsies. She has worked up patients for renal transplant and followed them up after the transplant.

Non academic:Languages are barriers for communication in India which is a multi-linguistic country and knowing them is a blessing in disguise. Dr. Anitha is conversant in 6 Indian languages and has good communication skills.


Dr. Anitha has a special interest in hypertension and kidney disease and is currently following up several patients for the past 7 years. Other fields that interest her are diabetic nephropathy, nephrotic syndromes, and chronic glomerulopathies. Nutrition and Immunisation in dialysis patients is another topic that she has worked on to improve their quality of life.

The patient load in India is so much that we can generate guidelines for our population, for which she would like to collect and follow patients over years.


  • Hypokalemic paralysis –Sjogren’s syndrome with renal tubular acidosis
  • An unusual case of gross haematuria in a child – Thin basement membrane disease
  • Co-existing crescentic IgA nephropathy and anti-glomerular basement membrane (anti-GBM) disease
  • Rare infection in a renal transplant recipient
  • Everolimus in renal transplantation – Our experience
  • Clinicopathological correlation of malignant hypertension and renal failure.


  • Tubercular constrictive pericarditis post renal transplant – IJN – Nov 2014
  • Primary hyperparathyroidism in a child – IJN – Dec 2014
  • Collagen type III diseases – case reports – IJPM – March 2016
  • Intravascular B cell lymphoma – nephrology image – KI – Jun 2016
  • Fungal urinary tract infection in the neonate (in the process of publication)
  • Malignant hypertension and renal dysfunction a clinicopathological study (in the process of publication)