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Dr. Malavade Praveen
Dr. Malavade Praveen MBBS, MD (Gen-Medicine), DM (Nephrology) Fellowship in Clinical Nephrology (Canada)
Consultant Nephrologist & Transplant Physician
Dept of Nephrology, NU Hospitals Shivamogga


January 2015- March 2016: Fellowship in Clinical Nephrology, Ottawa hospital, University of Ottawa, Canada.

As a Clinical Fellow, I am rotated through all the aspects in Nephrology- During my rotations in

  1. Home dialysis (Ottawa is one of the largest PD centers in Canada which practices buried PD catheter insertion technique. It also has a high number of Home hemodialysis patients)

    Acquired knowledge of the workings of the peritoneal dialysis procedure including peritoneal membrane physiology, connectology (tubes and catheters) and PD

    Acquired knowledge of the components of the peritoneal dialysis prescription and methods of establishing and monitoring the adequacy of peritoneal dialysis (including CAPD, CCPD, and Tidal PD).

    Acquired proficiency in writing and modifying peritoneal dialysis prescriptions and Nocturnal hemodialysis prescription

    Acquired knowledge of the aetiology, pathophysiology, differential diagnosis, investigation and treatment (including preventive measures and complications of treatment) and prognosis of the various complications of PD like peritonitis and catheter site infections, leaks and hernias, hemoperitoneum, peritoneal sclerosis, metabolic problems such as glucose absorption, hyperlipidemia and protein loss.

    Acquired knowledge of the comparative benefits and disadvantages of peritoneal vs home hemodialysis and the factors involved in the patient choice of treatment.

    Acquired knowledge of the procedure of peritoneal catheter insertion, its risks and its exteriorization.

  2. Transplantation (Ottawa does about 80-100 renal transplants per year with a high proportion of deceased donor transplants with good outcomes)-

    Acquired knowledge of the basic sciences as they apply to renal transplantation (immunology, pathology, pharmacology)

    Acquired knowledge of the assessment process for potential recipients including the risks, benefits and contraindications of transplantation

    Acquired knowledge of the assessment process for potential living and deceased donors including the risks, benefits and contraindications for donation.

    Acquired knowledge of the indication, risks and interpretation of transplant renal biopsy.

    Acquired knowledge of the allocation procedure for deceased donor organs.

    Acquired proficiency in immediate post-operative management and long term follow up of recipients and their acute and chronic surgical and non-surgical complications and managing their immunosuppression.

    Acquired expertise in the interpretation of tissue typing and performing a transplant kidney biopsy.

  3. Hypertension Clinic

    Learnt accurate in-office blood pressure measurement techniques. Learnt techniques for home and ambulatory BP monitoring.

    Indications and interpretation of 24 hours ABPM.

    Evaluate for secondary hypertension causes and treatment.

    Assess for target organ damage and global cardiovascular risk.

    Pharmacotherapy of HTN and DOTS therapy for HTN

    Lifestyle modification counselling for patients.

    Acquired the background knowledge behind, and indication for referral for renal angioplasty, renal denervation, baroreceptor stimulation therapies

  4. Nephrology ward-General Hospital – Managing inpatient and ICU / consult service as a team supervising medical students, interns, pharmacists and reporting to the staff physician.
  5. Consult Service – Civic Hospital- Managing the consult service and ICU of the civic hospital and Heart institute which do a large number and SLED/ CRRT with a immu-consultation with the staff physician.
  6. Progressive renal insufficiency (PRI) clinic- Learnt the art of managing patients who inevitably will be progressing towards ESRD, advising and counselling about the various options of RRT and also continued medical and end of life care in patients who are not suitable candidates for any form of RRT.

2011- 2014: Post Doctoral Trainee in Nephrology (D.M) – SSKM/IPGMER affiliated to West Bengal University of Health Sciences (Recognized by the Medical Council of India).

The institution admits 6 fellows each year. During the 3 years of fellowship, the clinic fellows are rotated every 4 months through the following blocks

Rotation in Dialysis Unit. The dialysis unit consists of 20 dialysis machines, operating 24 hours a day. The hospital being a tertiary care centre has a huge referral base. Both inpatient/ outpatient , acute and maintenance hemodialysis are carried out at the centre. The unit has a dedicated operation theatre for AVF creation. The nephrology fellows are trained in central line insertions (both cuffed and uncuffed) and peritoneal dialysis catheter insertion.

Rotation In Glomerulonephritis Clinic- The clinic runs 3times/ week, with a total case load 80-100/ clinic.3 fellows, supervised by a staff physician run the clinic. Cases include both adult and pediatric nephrology. Nearly 1000 renal biopsies ( including both native and transplant kidneys ) are done every year.

Renal Transplant- Being the only Government run transplant unit in the State of West Bengal India, the unit carries out one living related transplant every Tuesday. The unit is run by 2 clinical Fellows supervised by a Staff Physician who look after both donor /recipient evaluation and Peri and Post transplant Care and follow up. The transplant unit has a dedicated transplant clinic every Thursday. The unit has a total of 10 inpatient beds dedicated to the transplant patients.

General Nephrology and Chronic kidney disease Clinic- The clinics run simultaneously with a flow of 200- 250 patients / clinic.

Ward/ Floor- There are a total of 45 inpatient beds split into male and female inpatient units. Each unit in managed by one fellow supervised by a staff member.

2010-2011: Fellowship in Renal dialysis - Institute of Nephrourology – affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences –Bangalore.

I completed my basic training in Medicine-

Residency-2007-2010 – (M.D) Internal Medicine - J.J.M.M.C , Davangere - affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences –Bangalore (Recognized by the Medical Council of India)

Internship 2006-2007 - J.N.M.C, Belgaum- affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences –Bangalore (Recognized by the Medical Council of India)

Medical school - M.B.B.S 2001-2006 - J.N.M.C, Belgaum- affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences –Bangalore (Recognized by the Medical Council of India)

Skills :

  • Have performed more than 1500 central line insertions independently
  • Have performed 100 tunnelled catheter insertions independently and assisted in another 20
  • Have performed 20 percutaneous peritoneal dialysis catheter insertion and assisted in another 15
  • Have performed more than 1000 ultrasound-guided renal biopsies (Includes Native and Transplant)
  • Can perform AV fistulogram and angioplasty ( Trained under Dr.Balasubramaniayam- Kidney Care Centre- Tirunelveli)

Independent Coursework

TCPS 2: CORE certification course Intensive Introduction to Systematic Reviews


Have professional fluency in English, Kannada, Hindi, Marathi,

CME as Speaker

  • PPI and Kidney disease- Indian Medical association- Whitefield Branch, Bengaluru
  • Obesity and Kidney Disease- Vaatsalya Hospital, Shimoga
  • Hyperkalemia- What’s New?- Indian Medical association- Shimoga

Research Experience/Presentations:

Dissertations -

Residency- “Comparative evaluation of diabetic and Non-diabetic stroke” and the study of the effect of glycemic levels on the outcome of stroke.

Post doctoral- Steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome – a prospective study in a single tertiary care centre


Poster Presentation- “Clinical and biochemical profile of metabolic syndrome following acute myocardial infarction” – 2009 – APICON, Gurgaon, Haryana

Poster Presentation –“Steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome – a prospective study in a single tertiary care centre”- ISN, Kolkata, India.

Oral Presentation- Case of Aplastic Anemia- KAPICON, Davangere, Karnataka,


“Steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome – a prospective study in a single tertiary care centre” (Accepted for publication in the Indian Medical Journal). (First author)

Growth retardation due to panhypopituitarism and central diabetes insipidus following Russell's viper bite.Southeast Asian J Trop Med Public Health. 2013 Jul 4; 44(4):697-702 (Co-author)

Review article -Chronic Kidney Disease in Pregnancy Journal of Integrative Nephrology and Andrology- Accepted for publication (Co-author)

Review article- PPI – More indigestion than relief? – Provisionally accepted- Indian Journal of Nephrology- First author

Worked on another two projects as the first author during post-doctoral training-

1) Idiopathic membranous glomerulonephritis – an open-label randomized controlled trial in a single tertiary care centre -2012-2014

2) Idiopathic immune complex-mediated membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis- a prospective study in a single tertiary care centre: 2012-2014

Work Experience:

July 2013- 2017 to present – Assistant Professor in Medicine, SIMS Shimoga

April 2015, 2018 - Consultant at Vaatsalya Hospital, Vaatsalya Healthcare Solutions, Shimoga, Karnataka

April 4, 2016 to April 10, 2017- Consultant at Narayana Hrudayalaya , Whitefield, Bangalore, India

September 2014- December 2014 - Consultant at Tatwadharsha hospital, Hubli, Karnataka, India


Presently Member of following societies-

International Society of Nephrology

Indian Society of Nephrology

Interests/ hobbies/extracurricular activities

Music/ Cricket/Chess/ swimming

Past President and member of the Indian Medical Association- Whitefield Branch, Bangalore- 560048

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