Dr. Sadhvi Sharma
A case of diabetes, hypertension and coronary artery disease posted for a cardiopulmonary bypass at PREPP – GOVERNMENT KILPAUK MEDICAL COLLEGE, CHENNAI.E-journal publication in TNMGR university (peer-reviewed)- The case of severe mitral regurgitation for aorto-bifemoral bypass- pediatric patient with severe mitral regurgitation for aortobifemoral bypass with a massive blood transfusion.CLINICAL SKILLS
• • Well trained in a tertiary high volume center (Madras Medical College) in providing anesthesia for surgeries including gen.surgery, orthopedics, vascular surgery, cardiothoracic, neurosurgery, urology, obstetrics and gynecology, emergency surgery and pediatric surgery.
• Handled pre-op, operative and post-op care of trauma cases- including stab injuries, bull-gore injuries, train traffic accidents, road traffic accidents and bullet injuries.
• Competent in procedures such as emergency airway management, intubation, central line placement, arterial line placement, central neuraxial blockade- subarachnoidal block, caudal and epidural, peripheral nerve blockade.
• Significant knowledge in patient monitoring such as interpretation of blood gas analysis, CVP monitoring.
• Trained in monitoring brain-dead patients particularly for maintenance of pre-transplant parameters and hemodynamic goals.
• Declaration of Brain death by doing Apnoea testing.
• Trained in providing anesthesia for Renal Transplant.
• An Eye for detail in pre-anesthetic assessment and emergency/trauma assessment and care.