Dr. Shakuntala Modi- MD Consultant Paediatrics Nephrologist in Bangalore

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Consultant Nephrologist, NU Hospitals

Nu hospitals aim to be one of the major specialist service providers for urology and nephrology problems.NU is one among the very few hospitals to have an integrated professional team which approach with the theme of 6 e: s effective, efficient, evidence-based,

Ethical and an excellent ecosystem nu hospital is an ecosystem where clinical outcomes and patient safety comes first always.

NU hospitals believe in evidence-based practice guidelines than empirical based approach,

It is our long dedicated 35 years of hardships which puts NU hospitals as the most noticeable, respected and esteemed hospital today in this sector of nephrology and urology.

We survive today as one of the best hospitals for Nephro, Uro care and we are proud that we serve as an example to others that it is evidence-based ethical practice that makes NU hospital an excellent home for our patients.

Dr. Shakuntala V Modi has done her MBBS, MD (Paediatrics), fellowship in Nephrology and training in DNB Nephrology.
Dr. Modi has over 14 years of experience in her field.