The Maintenance department of the hospital takes care of complete on- site maintenance of the hospital’s vital resources and infrastructure such as Uninterrupted power, water, air conditioning, various treatment plants of Dialysis departments and many allied day to day functions including housekeeping department is responsible for scheduling routine maintenance of repairs and maintenance including monitoring maintenance contracts and follow up, The team also looks after and maintains segregation of Bio Medical waste & sewage systems.

Our Housekeeping managers are responsible for training new employees and ensuring their work schedules are coordinated. The manager may oversee the work of the employees and order cleaning supplies as needed. The manager assigns tasks to employees and may make cleaning suggestions to help improve service. Managers may also resolve complaints from customers regarding the cleaning services.he housekeeper manager advises new employees of company policies and ensures the policies are followed. The manager may also periodically organize staff meetings to inform employees on new policy changes or company updates. Our Maintenance staff have the requisite Computer skills and knowledge of word-processing software which is helpful in preparing reports and employee schedules. The maintenance team always is on track and regularly tours the Area, All maintenance personnel have been provided wireless communication systems to effectively coordinate and complete tasks within desired time frame. Housekeeping supervisors check their employees’ work by visiting the assigned roles performed and also ensures appropriate Hospital linen cleaning practices performed by outsourced agency duties. He has to spend part of the day handing over dirty linen for washing and bringing clean ones back to the specified rooms, then spend some the day replacing trash bags.