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A few patients who are admitted to the ICU and are very sick with multi-organ damage, including renal failure and with low blood pressure, require CRRT (Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy) – a form of specialized dialysis. A separate dialysis machine is dedicated for this procedure. Patients are monitored around the clock during the procedure, which is carried out continuously for a period of 24 to 48 hours.

Given below are the descriptions of the conditions treated:

Is a condition where a patient develops swelling of the legs and face and is found to have severe protein excretion in the urine. A kidney Biopsy is required in adults to know the cause of this condition.

Is a condition commonly affecting children. Usually in this condition, following a sore throat or a skin infection, the child develops red urine (due to blood in the urine), swelling of the face and legs, and increase in blood pressure. It is usually a self-limiting process that clears up by itself in a few days to weeks time

Is a potentially reversible case of kidney failure. Common causes are dehydration due to loose motion and vomiting, infections, certain drugs, snakebite and blockage to the passage of urine

Is irreversible kidney failure. The causes for Chronic Renal Failure are Diabetes Mellitus (the most common cause), hypertension, long-term usage of painkillers, certain genetic diseases, recurrent urinary tract infections (especially in children), and certain other primary kidney diseases

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