Reconstructive urology differs from regular urology as it usually involves open surgery and requires more general and plastic surgery skills.

The principle areas of surgical activity in reconstructive urology at NU Hospitals are:

  • Dealing with Ureteric Defects Occurring due to Any Cause: These are usually dealt with by psoas hitch, Boari flap or transureteroureterostomy. Occasionally, ureteroureterostomy or ureteric replacement with ileum are also performed for this purpose.
  • Bladder Augmentation and Substitution: Bladder augmentation and substitution are performed by continent urinary diversion for neurological diseases, malignant diseases or tuberculosis. At times, it is also performed by intestinal conduit diversion. For more details visit page Paediatric Urology and in this page — look for the section on bladder augmentation and substitution
  • Urethral Reconstruction: Urethral reconstruction is performed by anastomotic and substitution urethroplasty. For example, buccal mucosal graft urethroplasties (single-stage or staged) are performed for traumatic or other acquired stricture disease and hypospadias.
    For further information click the link: Management of urethral stricture disease
  • Other Surgeries: In addition, vesicovaginal and urethrovaginal fistula repairs, scrotal and penile reconstructions are also carried out.

anastomotic urethroplasty


Reconstructive Urology in India

staged urethroplasty