Sub-speciality excellence

Sub-speciality excellence

Spellbinding real life stories that will capture your heart and mind which makes us the “Best Kidney Hospital Bangalore”



    Amazing hospitality and professionalism at your hospital. .. loved the feel…look and the seamless service. Prathiba was fantastic. .  Dr. Sridhar was so cool ! Thanks for everything.
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    Doc thanks for all the help. Boy she is so relieved and so am I.
    Great hospitality from your staff and they took good care of us. Made us feel so  comfortable.
    Dr Sridhar Pandit was so cool and composed. Great experience . Thanks a ton once again.

    A Wonderful efficient hospital.
    An asset to the state and city.
    I am grateful to all the doctors and nursing staff. ” NU is truly the Best Kidney Hospital Bangalore”


    Sharadamma has been admitted in NU six times in past 12 years with major operations like a kidney removal. From the past 12 years we are experiencing an “EXCELLENT” service from NU family (NU Hospitals staff). We personally want to thank the NU family which gave back our mother to us. ” NU is truly the Best Kidney Hospital Bangalore”


    It was completely a homely environment – we didn’t feel as though we were in a hospital. The entire staff were very sweet and cooperative. Thank you. ” NU is truly the Best Kidney Hospital Bangalore”

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Dr. Prasanna Venkatesh M K


Dr. Prasanna Venkatesh M K, Sr. Consultant Paediatric Urologist and Managing Director has been practicing Paediatric Urology at NU Hospitals, Bangalore since 2003.

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