Dr. Kumar Prabhu - Urology Specialist in Bangalore


Consultant Urologist, NU Hospitals

Dr. Kumar Prabhu is a Senior Consultant Urologist at NU Hospitals, Bangalore. After completing his MBBS, he did his Master of Surgery (MS) and then went on to pursue Diplomate National Board (DNB) in Urology. He has special interest in reconstructive surgery of Stricture Urethra with more than 10 years experience. He is versatile in all types of Urethroplasty including buccal mucosal graft urethroplasty, anastomotic urethroplasty, penile skin flap urethroplasty and has done more than 400 surgeries including redo surgeries. He has organised many workshops on reconstructive surgeries for stricture urethra and has published papers on finer aspects of these surgeries. He is also involved in National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) documentation, conducting internal audits and updating quality programs of the hospital. He is a past Treasurer of Bangalore Urological society (BUS), council member of the Karnataka Urological Association (KUA), Association of Southern Urologists (ASU), Urological Society of India (USI). He is also part of the Team NU – Urology Department and is actively involved in training super specialists in Urology.

Training Post Graduates

Since 2008 in NU Hospitals and in Puttaparthy since 2012

Attending Various CME/Workshops/Conference

16th Nov 2014, The Hindu Higher secondary school, MC Road, Ambur

  • CME Presentation on Laser Lithotripsy of Urinary Tract Stones

22nd Feb’2015, Hotel Gold Finch, Bangalore

  • CME Presentation on Lasers in Urolithiasis

13th March 2015, La Marvella – Best Western Premier Hotel, Bangalore

  • CME Presentation on Desmopressin for Management of Primary Nocturnal Enuresis

1st August 2015, NU Hospitals, West, Bangalore

  • CME Presentation on Desmopressin for Management of Primary Nocturnal Enuresis

 22nd November 2015

  • Presented on Failed BMG Urethroplasty for pan Urethral Stricture at 3rd ASU-Prof.HS Bhar midterm workshop – Second opinion in urology at Hotel Motimahal, Falnir Road, Mangalore

Conference Papers Presented
USICON – January 2016

  • Renal depth measurement

3rd ASU Prof. HS Bhat Midterm Workshop on Second opinion in Urology- November 2015

  • Failed post BMG urethroplasty for Pan urethral strictures

SZUSICON – July 2015

  • “Aorto – Iliac and bifemoral graft thrombosis after urethroplasty,

SZ-USICON – July 2013

  • Usefulness of Mouth Opening Measurement prior to buccal graft surgery
  • High Price for Playing Safe

USICON – Jan 2012

  • Does duration of catheterization after buccal mucosal graft urethroplasty affect results ?

 KUACON – Oct 2011

  • Bladder wall calcification in a patient with hypercalcemia

SZUSICON – July 2011

  • False Urethral Anastomosis

KUACON – Sept 2008

  • Nocturia in patients with lower urinary tract symptoms

KUA-CON – Nov 2007

  • Botox in urology – new therapeutic option for voiding disorders

KUA-CON – 2016

  • Devon travelling fellowship Quiz Moderator
  • Dilip Adappa Best paper session – Perinephric urinoma due to acute ureteric obstruction

SZ-USICON – Jul 2007

  • Donor site morbidity in buccal mucosal graft urethroplasty
  • Outcomes of retroperitoneal flank approach for partial and radical nephrectomy in reanal tumors

SZ-USICON – July 2006

  • Use of doppler ultrasound in predicting dialyzable AVF access “Awarded Prof. C.L. ASHOK KUMAR POSTER PRIZE”

SZ-USICON – July 2005

  • Does urodynamic assessment of patients with stress incontinence have any predictive value?: the NU Trust hospital experience
  • Anterior urethral valves – Poster Presentation

Rajasthan State chapter of ASICON – February 2001

  • Pouch Colon Syndrome – 5 year experience
  • A prospective study of 100 cases of Gastro intestinal perforations
  • Polyorchidism – Podium Presentation awarded Dr.G.C. Sharma Gold Medal

Publication in Journal

International Journal

  • Results of urinary dissolution therapy for radiolucent calculi. Int Braz J Urol. Vol.39 (1): 103-107, January-February, 2013
  • Unusual Presentations of Pouch colon: P.Mathur. K.Prabhu D.Jindal J.Pediat.Surg. Sept 2002: 37(9): 1351-1353.
  • Polyorchidism Revisited. P. Mathur, K.Prabhu and H.Khamesra Pediat. Surg. Intl. July 2002: 18(5-6): 449-450.

Indian Journal

  • False urethral Anastomosis: Ind. J. Urol. Apr-Jun 2012: 28:222-3

 Work Experience: (Post M.S.)

  • Consultant Urologist, July 2010 onwards, NU Hospitals, Bangalore
  • Junior Consultant, Dept of Urology,NU Trust, Bangalore from July 2008 till 2010 June.
  • DNB Resident. Dept of Urology, NU Trust, Bangalore from January 2005 to December 2007.
  • Registrar, Dept of Urology, NU Trust, Bangalore from May 2004 – December 2004.
  • Dept of Urology, Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences, Calicut from February 2004 to April 2004.
  • Dept of Gen. Surgery Manipal Hospital, Bangalore from July 2002 to Jan 2004.


  • Dr. G.C. Sharma Gold Medal. Polyorchidism – Rajasthan State chapter of ASICON – February 2001
  • Prof. C.L. Ashok Kumar Poster Prize. Use of Doppler ultrasound in predicting dialyzable AVF access – SZ-USICON 2006 (Zonal Conference)

Special Interests

Female urethral reconstruction, renal transplantation, penile cancer.

Current Pursuits

Ongoing research in different fields of urology



  • Past Treasurer, Bangalore Urological Society (BUS)
  • Council Member of the Karnataka Urology Association (KUA)
  • Member of the Association of Southern Urologists (ASU- India)
  • Member of the Urological Society of India (USI)
  • Member of the Surgical Society of India (ASI)
  • present Secretary, Bangalore Urological Society (BUS)