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Dr. Ramakrishnan S
Dr. Ramakrishnan S MBBS, MD (Gen-Medicine), DM (Nephrology) Sr. Consultant Nephrologist & Transplant Physician
Head of Department, Nephrology, NU Hospitals

S. Ramakrishnan is a Senior Consultant Nephrologist and is the Head of department Nephrology at NU Hospitals, Bangalore completed MBBS in Thanjavur Medical College in 1985 and postgraduate in General Medicine in Stanley Medical College Chennai in 1990. He is interested in all branches of General Medicine and chose Nephrology for further specialization as this field had a connection with all other branches of General Medicine. He completed the higher speciality course in Madras medical College in 1995. After a brief experience as Tutor of Nephrology in a teaching hospital and subsequently as Specialist in Nephrologist in a Middle East country, he joined NU Hospitals in 2004. His special interest includes the evolution of better infection control practices and safety practices in the patient’s environment and demography of patients with kidney disease. With significant help from the Hospital, a number of policies and protocols on infection control have been developed and implemented. One of the major outcomes of these practices was significant reduction in the incidence of Hepatitis C infection, a blood-borne viral infection that can be transmitted among patients on maintenance haemodialysis (this infection had been a Nephrologists’ nightmare until the development of newer antiviral drugs for the treatment a couple of years ago) over the past few years.

ISNCON 2017 New Delhi – December 2017 – Poster presentations:

  • Hospital admissions for patients on maintenance dialysis
  • Clinical audit on management of CLABSI

Continuing Medical Education – Maldives – November 2017 – delivered talks

  • Nephrotic syndrome in children
  • Chronic kidney disease in children
  • Treatment in chronic kidney disease

Continuing Medical Education – Nephrology Rheumatology – Bangalore – March 2017 – delivered talk on

  • on Interstitial nephritis in autoimmune diseases – management

ISNSCCON 2017 Pondicherry – February 2017

  • Co author for oral presentation on MRSA prevalence and use of Vancomycin in a tertiary care Nephrology Urology Hospital (won best paper award)

ISOT 2016 – Chandigarh – Author for Oro poster presentations on

  • Dialysis after renal allograft loss: Our Experience
  • Outcome of renal transplantation in Ig A nephropathy

ISN SC 2016 Trichy – February 2016

  • Oral presentation on Renal allograft loss: a single-center experience – awarded second prize
  • Author for oral presentation on Comparison of outcomes on Tacrolimus versus Cyclosporine based immunosuppressive regimes in renal transplant recipients ISNSCCON 35th Annual Conference in Calicut – awarded second prize


Other Academic Activities:

Invited on “Quiz to the DNB PG’s” at ISNSCCON 2010, Pondicherry on 12th February to 14th February 2010

Invited for a talk on “Journal Scan” at ISNSCCON 2010, Pondicherry on 14th February 2010

Invited for a talk on “Metabolic acidosis in critically ill” at NEPHSIL 2010, Madurai, October 2010

Professional Membership

  • Life member of the Indian Society of Nephrology (ISN)
  • Member of the Southern Chapter – Indian Society of Nephrology (SC-ISN)

Special Interests

Acid-base and electrolyte disorders, and kidney transplantation

Career Goals:

Dr. Ramakrishnan wishes to improve outcomes (both in quantity and quality) for patients with chronic kidney disease and in prevention of worsening of renal function.


  • Survival analysis of patients on maintenance hemodialysis; Indian J Nephrol Volume 24;No.4: 2014:Pp 206-213
  • A study of the impact of cost-effective nutritional supplement in patients on maintenance hemodialysis; Indian J Nephrol Volume 24;No.4; 2014:Pp 222-225
  • Membranous Nephropathy and Graves’ Disease: A Case Report and Literature Review; J Nephrol Ther 3: 133. doi:10.4172/2161-0959.1000133
  • Post-transplant thrombotic microangiopathy causing acute renal failure; Indian Journal of Nephrology 2009; 19; 74-76
  • Syndrome of Tubulointerstitial Nephritis and Uveitis; JAPI 57: 2009; 177-179
  • Intraperitoneal bladder rupture mimicking acute renal failure in Indian Journal of Nephrology: Vol. 18 (1): 2008: Page 26-27.

Experience In Clinical Trails

  • An open-label prospective study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of rHuEPO (CIMAB, Cuba) in patients either on dialysis or non-dialysis for the management of anemia in chronic kidney disease. Co investigator – Dr.Ramakrishnan in the year 2005
  • GRID Study in collaboration with Brigham and Women’s Hospital – Harvard Medical School. Co investigator – Dr.Ramakrishnan in the year 2011

Papers Presented

  • ‘Pulmonary Infections in Renal Transplant Recipients’
  • ‘Tuberculosis in Renal Transplant Recipients’
  • ‘Primary Hyperoxaluria – Our Experience’
  • ‘Post-transplant Survival in the Lower Socio-economic Strata’
  • ‘Lupus Nephritis – Our Experience’
  • ‘Post-transplant Diabetes Mellitus’
  • ‘3 Year Survival in Renal Transplant Recipients’
  • ‘Mortality in Diabetic Renal Transplant Recipients’
  • HD in elderly
  • IgA Nephropathy – Our experience
  • Assessment of Nutritional status in HD patients
  • Made a presentation on ‘HIV and Kidney’ in the Third Think Kidney Symposium in Muscat
  • Co-author for Poster Presentation “Recovery of Renal Function in Obstructive Renal Failure” on ISNSCCON 2010, Pondicherry on 12th February to 14th February 2010.
  • Co-author for Oral Presentation “Fistulogram in the management of AVF complications ” on ISNSCCON 2010, Pondicherry on 12th February to 14th February 2010.
  • Presented a talk on “Renal Interstitial Fibrosis – Newer Insights” AND free papers on “ICU admissions in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease” AND “Renal Transplantation in ADPKD – our experience” on ISNSCCON 2012, Chennai on 2nd – 5th February 2012
  • Co-authored for Oral Presentation – “Antibiogram of culture-positive urine isolates” (Got the first prize in general Nephrology category) & Co-author for Poster Presentation – “CMV disease in renal transplant recipients” (Got the third prize) at SCISN-2013 held at Vijayawada on 9th & 10th Feb 2013
  • Co-authored for oro-poster presentation – “Comparative study of diabetic and non-diabetic end-stage renal disease on maintenance haemodialysis” in the ISNCON 2013 held at New Delhi on 13th Dec 2013
  • Authored for oro-poster presentation – “Vascular access audit” in the ISNCON 2013 held at New Delhi on 14th December 2013
  • Author for Oral presentation – “Why is arteriovenous fistula getting delayed?” in the ISN-SC 2014 held at Bangalore on 16th Feb, 2014
  • Author for Oral presentation – “Arteriovenous fistula interventions – are they successful?” in the ISN-SC 2014 held at Bangalore on 16th Feb, 2014
  • Author for poster presentation – ‘ Clinical audit on the incidence of Hepatitis C infection in hemodialysis unit’ (Co-author for Drs Dilip, Kiran Chandra Patro and Ranjanee) – in ISNSCCON 35th annual meeting held on 13/02/2015 to 15/02/2015 at Calicut
  • Author for oral presentation – ‘Comparison of outcomes on Tacrolimus and Cyclosporine based immunosuppressive regimens in renal transplant recipients’ (Co-author for Drs Dilip, Kiran Chandra Patro and Ranjanee) in ISNSCCON 35th annual meeting held on 13/02/2015 to 15/02/2015 at Calicut

NU Hospitals has been pioneering in Nephrology, Urology and Fertility (IVF) treatment over the last 20 years. Our highly specialised experts are richly experienced in treating rare and complex conditions. It was one of the first in Karnataka to conduct a successful kidney transplantation surgery and also the first to equip Urology department with the most advanced flexible endoscopes. Having a robust team of subspecialty specific urology team at NU has significantly improved the overall success rates. Men’s Health Clinic is one of its kind in South-India dealing with Men’s Sexual and Reproductive Health. Our Male and Female Fertility (IVF) specialists comprehensively support the couples with the latest treatment and heartfelt compassion every step along the path to parenthood. At NU, every aspect of healthcare is coordinated and the entire team works together to provide exactly the care one needs. We are constantly updating the policies and collaborations to ensure that people in need are getting access to the most cutting-edge care and treatment.

Public Notice: NU Hospitals would like to inform the general public that NU Hospitals practices all organ transplants in accordance with The Transplantation of Human Organs Act 1994.
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