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Dr. Swathi Potineni
Dr. Swathi Potineni MBBS, MD (Radiology)
Consultant Radiologist & HOD,
Dept of Radiology, NU Hospitals


My vision for NU hospitals is to make it a center par excellence in the realm of Uro-radiology. I am happy to be working in such a positive environment where there are complete cooperation and understanding between doctors and other medical and non-medical staff. As a young professional, it is very encouraging and gratifying for me to be involved and to contribute to various academic activities, public awareness campaigns, CME programs, and workshops conducted by the organization.

Interests and hobbies:



  • IRIA (Indian radiological & imaging association)
  • IMA (Indian Medical Association)
  • AMC (Association of medical consultants)
  • MUSK (Member of ultrasound society of Karnataka)

Current Pursuits:

Ongoing research in different aspects of Uro-radiology.

Experienced in:

Conventional Radiography:

  • Interpretation of chest, abdominal, orthopedic and other radiographs.
  • Interpretation of Mammograms.
  • Performance & Interpretation of contrast studies.

Ultrasound & Doppler:

  • Performance of abdominal, pelvic USG.
  • TVS & follicular studies.
  • Fetal sonology.
  • Carotid Doppler.
  • Peripheral arterial & Venous Doppler.
  • Renal & transplant kidney evaluation.
  • TRUS
  • Neurosonogram
  • Evaluation of thyroid, breast, Scrotum & soft tissue.

Computed Tomography:

  • Brain
  • Spine
  • PNS
  • Neck
  • HRCT & CT Thorax.
  • Abdomen & Pelvis.
  • Angiography

Magnetic Resonance Imaging:
Interventional Procedures:

  • Renal biopsy
  • TRUS guided biopsy
  • Ascitic & pleural fluid tapping
  • Liver SOL biopsy, abscess drainage.
  • FNAC of Thyroid, Breast and other accessible lesions
  • CT guided biopsies

Paper presentation:

  • Delegate in 60’ IRIA annual national conference; 5-9,Jan 2007,Mumbai.
  • Delegate in 11’ residents review course;REF;18-21,October 2007, Mumbai.
  • Delegate in TARGET- Musculoskeletal Imaging;25-26,August 2007, Chennai.
  • Delegate in family physicians association-29th March 2015 Bangalore
  • Delegate in CME on Radiology;21-22nd Nov 2015, Mysore
  • Delegate in CME insights into infertility and Art; 6th Dec 2015.NU Hospitals, Bangalore
  • Delegate in CME on Nephrology, Urology & Infertility;21st February 2016.NU Hospitals, Bangalore
  • Delegate in USICON,7-10 January 2016; Hyderabad
  • Delegate in CME on Renal & Transplant Pathology,6th March 2016. NU Hospitals, Bangalore
  • Delegate in the 32nd annual conference, Indian radiological and imaging association; 12-13th March 2016, Bangalore
  • Faculty in CME on Nephrology, Urology, and Infertility;19th March 2016. NU Hospitals, Bangalore
  • Delegate in IAP Respiratory chapter;20th March 2016, Bangalore
  • Delegate in MUSKCON 2016;25-27th March 2016, Bangalore
  • Delegate in 70’ IRIA annual national conference; 5-9, Jan 2017, Jaipur.

NU Hospitals has been pioneering in Nephrology, Urology and Fertility (IVF) treatment over the last 20 years. Our highly specialised experts are richly experienced in treating rare and complex conditions. It was one of the first in Karnataka to conduct a successful kidney transplantation surgery and also the first to equip Urology department with the most advanced flexible endoscopes. Having a robust team of subspecialty specific urology team at NU has significantly improved the overall success rates. Men’s Health Clinic is one of its kind in South-India dealing with Men’s Sexual and Reproductive Health. Our Male and Female Fertility (IVF) specialists comprehensively support the couples with the latest treatment and heartfelt compassion every step along the path to parenthood. At NU, every aspect of healthcare is coordinated and the entire team works together to provide exactly the care one needs. We are constantly updating the policies and collaborations to ensure that people in need are getting access to the most cutting-edge care and treatment.

Public Notice: NU Hospitals would like to inform the general public that NU Hospitals practices all organ transplants in accordance with The Transplantation of Human Organs Act 1994.
NU Hospitals do not buy or sell any organ and seriously condemn the act. NU Hospitals do not by any nature seek your personal information such as name, telephone, address or banking details for any purpose.