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OVERVIEW: Protein in the Urine (Proteinuria)

Kidney filters your blood and keeps essential proteins in, while allowing waste products to leave through urine. Normally, a very small amount of protein is present in urine. But when protein slips through and ends up in your urine exceeding the normal range, it signals an issue called proteinuria. This imbalance can indicate various kidney problems, making it a potentially serious condition that needs medical attention.

Causes of Proteinuria:

Several factors can contribute to proteinuria, some temporary and harmless, others requiring medical attention. These include-

Risk Factors for Proteinuria:

Certain factors can increase your risk of developing proteinuria, including:

Diagnosing Proteinuria:

If you suspect proteinuria, your kidney doctor will conduct a thorough evaluation, including:

Treatment for Proteinuria:

The treatment for proteinuria depends on the underlying cause. In some cases, lifestyle changes like managing blood pressure, controlling diabetes, and adopting a healthy diet are sufficient. For more serious causes, medications or even kidney transplant surgery might be necessary. You can contact us at our Bangalore Hospital for a thorough evaluation and treatment.

Early Detection is key:

Proteinuria can be a warning sign of various health issues. While not always serious, it should never be ignored. Hence, early diagnosis is recommended and proper treatment can prevent complications and ensure optimal health.

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