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Overview of Vesicoureteral Reflux (VUR):

[Pronounced as vesiko-u-ray-teral reflux]

Urine flows in one direction, which is from kidneys to urinary bladder through ureter tube. But when urine flows back to the kidneys, this condition is called vesicoureteral reflux . This backflow can be mild or severe, and in some cases, it can reach and damage the kidneys..

Who is at risk?

Typically, vesicoureteral reflux is commonly seen in infants and children, but adults also get affected by it. Babies born prematurely or with other urinary tract abnormalities are more likely to be affected. Family history also plays a role, so if you have VUR, your child has a higher chance of having it too.

What symptoms of VUR can parents check for?

Early detection is key, so families can watch out for these signs:

Diagnosing VUR:

If you suspect your kid shows signs of VUR, getting panicky is understandable, but don't hesitate to consult a kidney specialist. Several tests can diagnose the condition, including:

Vesicoureteral reflux (VUR) treatment

The good news is that primary VUR often resolves on its own in children. But for those who have severe conditions, other treatments are available, such as:

Early diagnosis and treatment of VUR can significantly reduce the risk of kidney damage.

If you or your child experience any of the symptoms mentioned, and if you are in Bangalore, visit us to discuss the condition and treatment of your newborn’s or baby's urine issues with a urology specialist promptly. We have a dedicated team of the best doctors for VUR treatment in Bangalore, as well as in other branches, to support you and your child every step of the way. Remember, awareness is key!


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