I am very happy with the treatment of Dr. Ashwini, she has lot of patience and explains well. She replies to your queries whenever we will call the Dr, she did a very proper treatment step by step. I would definitely recommend her. - Chandrakala

Dr. Ashwini is very very. good, her treatment and the way of explaining about medication of medicines was very good she will attend the call whenever we call, now am pregnant am so lucky to have Dr. Ashwini, am so happy from heart . Thank to Dr. Ashwini. - Revathi S

An annual medical check-up had thrown up a large stone in my left kidney (1.6 x 1.6 cm) and the 1st consultation was with a doctor in Kammanahalli
. The recommendation didn't sound right and I decided to get a 2nd opinion from a doctor who was linked to a hospital that was reputed and had all possible options so I don't doubt the course of treatment suggested.
I had shortlisted Apollo (a friend had his father's kidney transplant done), Narayan Healthcare and NU Hospital, based on internet search and website descriptions of the hospitals and the surgeons. NU Hospital Rajajinagar was the closest, so I decided to go there for an opinion.
I ended up getting the PCNL procedure and cystoscopy from there. Overall, the experience was great, because, in addition to a successful surgery and tackling of the stone (which is normally enough for me to rate a hospital engagement as a good experience; everything else is a bonus, given the toughness of the environment people work in), I valued:
- The organised front office and administration staff that was firm/clear without losing the caring touch;
- The 1st consultation with the surgeon (Dr Krishna Prasad), who explained patiently and succinctly all I asked (I have a bias for "knowing", and, irrespective of how bad the news is, I derive comfort from detailed discussions on options/pros-and-cons/potential risks/etc) and articulated reasons behind recommendations; and subsequent conversations with various other surgeons;
- The group discussion approach on patients, as opposed to an individual taking decision (especially as the surgeons I met seemed equally knowledgable and competent);
- The space design and cleanliness of the hospital;
- The single rooms that had sunlight streaming in; and
- The pre- and post-op care.
Of course, I must admit to a certain bias, as the surgeon I met was a runner, even though I found that out only towards the end of the 1st consultation by which time I had decided to go for the hospital. And runners are, in general, good people. And that's how it turned out.

Thank you for the excellent treatment so far. The Hospital is very neat n clean and you are special. Everything is smooth and easy here. Thank you.

The process of transferring a patient's information to different departments is very smooth. This saves the patients from all the confusion and helps them stay relaxed. This is one of the uniqueness of this hospital by which we are highly satisfied and happy. We are also happy about the services provided by all the necessary staff like nurse, reception staff and other support staff. NU Hospitals - A great new experience. Thank You!

Excellent medical and nursing care. Facilitators at office are extremely good and helpful.

A Wonderful efficient hospital. An asset to the state and city. I am grateful to all the doctors and nursing staff.

We came to this hospital with much fear (nervousness), but were relieved and also very satisfied. All the doctors and nurses are very nice and friendly; Chandrakala, Prema were very communicative and friendly. Doctors are very caring for patients. The cleanliness is amazing. We are extremely satisfied.

I am very proud and happy for NU Hospitals because all the doctors, nurses and all other staff are very caring towards the patients.

Sharadamma has been admitted in NU six times in past 12 years with major operations like a kidney removal. From the past 12 years we are experiencing an "EXCELLENT" service from NU family (NU Hospitals staff). We personally want to thank the NU family which gave back our mother to us.

I had a very good experience with NU Hospitals. It is run very professionally and the communication is excellent. I felt very comfortable with the treatment and care for patients.

This is the first hospital I have seen in my life that provides good service. I am highly satisfied with my stay at this hospital.

I am highly satisfied with NU Hospitals' services in every respect. I'm very happy to convey my thanks to the entire staff. Thank you.

Very clean and the nurses take good care.

We will highly recommend your service and your hospital to our friends and relatives. Excellent, keep up the good work.

Excellent treatment as well as doctors.

It is the best place in Bangalore for treatment.

All the doctors on the nephrology team are very good.

"It was completely a homely environment - we didn't feel as though we were in a hospital. The entire staff were very sweet and cooperative. Thank you."

"We are happy with the nursing care provided to the patients. Maintain the same."

"We are fortunate to be attended to by a dedicated team of doctors."

Really very happy with the treatment received. Thanks a lot to the NU Hospitals family.

Received treatment of excellent quality. I wish I had come earlier.

The services of the hospital are good.

Hospital maintenance is very good.

Hospitality was good.

"100% satisfactory. There is nothing to be complained about. Very happy with the treatment and completely contented. I thank the hospital for all the co-operation provided."

"God bless the doctors and nurses of this hospital for the services they provide to the patients."

"Yes. The interest of the patient is paramount at NU Hospitals as it says on your poster. Thanks."

"I am extremely impressed by all the staff in general and the doctor in particular. I hope the same standard will always be maintained."