Kidney Transplant in Bangalore

 Kidney Transplantation :

NU Hospitals has been performing both live-related kidney transplant (renal transplants) as well as cadaveric transplants with results of international standards.

Our team of transplant doctors consists of those who have been in this field for over two decades. Live-related kidney transplants are routinely performed at our center. Patients at our hospital are also enrolled for the cadaver transplant programme under the auspices of ZCCK.

Renal transplant is carried out for patients with end-stage renal failure, that is when the kidney function is irreversibly reduced to below 15% of normal.

Live-related kidney transplant is performed at our center when the following relatives of the patient, that is, the father, mother, siblings, children or spouse of the patient, agree to voluntarily donate a kidney.

During a renal transplant, the donor’s kidney is placed in a new position, in the right or left lower quadrant of the abdomen. The damaged kidneys of the patient are not removed unless required in certain circumstances. After the transplant, the patient will have to take immunosuppressive drugs life-long.

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