The laser procedure is used to treat stones in the Ureter. This procedure is called Rigid Ureteroscopy, where a rigid telescope is inserted in the upper urinary tract via the bladder. The telescope is less than 2mm in diameter and allows visual access to the lower half of the ureter.
This procedure involves minimal incisions, as the urethral opening as the entry point. The small instrument port allows for micro-baskets and laser fibres to manipulate and fragment the stones.
The procedure is conducted under general anesthetia and lasts for about 60 minutes. Once the tube is inserted into the drainage tube of the kidney, the laser is used to fragment the stone. Post-surgery a temporary stent maybe be left for a short period to ensure proper drainage of the kidney and to avoid blockage.
At NU hospitals, we brief you on the various advantages of this surgery and also give you a walkthrough on the process, the pre and post-operative care and also recovery time.