Myths and Facts About Kidney Transplantation

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A kidney transplant surgery is done to replace non-functional kidneys with healthy kidneys from a living or a deceased donor. During the surgery, the transplanted kidney is usually placed on either the left side or lower right side of your abdomen. Kidney transplantation is the best option for treating end-stage renal disease or kidney failure. It is most the the most suitable means of living a healthy life without the need to undergo recurrent dialysis. However, there are certain myths surrounding kidney transplantation. This blog is an attempt at busting these unfounded myths.

6 Common Myths and Facts about Kidney Transplantation

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  1. Myth: Kidney transplantation is a last resort for treating dysfunctional kidneys.
    Fact: It should be the very first option in the line of treatments available.
    Explanation: Any individual faced with an advanced kidney disease should opt for a kidney transplantation rather than choosing to undergo dialysis as the first option. Longevity is increased considerably when one chooses kidney transplantation over dialysis.
  1. Myth: A person on dialysis cannot undergo a kidney transplant.
    Fact: Irrespective of the duration of dialysis, you can still benefit from a kidney transplant.
    Explanation: An individual who has been on dialysis for a considerable duration of time can still reap the benefits out of kidney transplantation. Being on dialysis does not disqualify you from opting for a kidney transplant. However, the sooner you undergo the transplantation, the better and longer your quality of life would be.
  1. Myth: The waiting time for getting a suitable donor for the kidney transplantation is too long.
    Fact: Living donation and other options available, make it possible to get a donor faster.
    Explanation: If you can get a compatible living donor, the transplant surgery can be done as soon as the two of you are ready. This makes the waiting time short.
  1. Myth: The tests, surgery, and anti-rejection medicines are very expensive.
    Fact: There are financial counsellors who have resources to make the entire transplant procedure more affordable.
    Explanation: A team of financial counsellors, social workers, and coordinators walk you through the whole process of kidney transplantation. With their help, you can navigate through the available options so that you have all the necessary financial back-up to undergo the procedure.
  1. Myth: I have been told that I am not an eligible candidate for kidney transplant.
    Fact: If you have been told so at one center, look for a place elsewhere where they take up more complex transplants.
    Explanation: Every transplant center has different criteria for evaluating suitability of a candidate for kidney transplant. The fact that you have been told that you are not a likely candidate at one center, does not close your doors. Look for other transplant centers that are more adept in carrying out more complex kidney transplants. Learn beforehand what you can expect from a kidney transplant for your individual case.
  1. Myth: I am afraid to get a kidney transplant done. I would rather stick to dialysis.
    Fact: Getting a kidney transplant done will improve the quality and quantity of your life.
    Explanation: Despite the risks associated with a kidney transplant surgery and the financial burden involved, this procedure has multiple benefits over dialysis. While contemplating about undergoing the transplantation surgery, it is advisable to weigh the pros and cons, based on which you can decide to go ahead. Studies and people’s experiences show that the quality of life improves drastically after a kidney transplantation is performed. If you are afraid of thinking about the intricacies of the procedure, get in touch with people who have already had a kidney transplant in order to get a first-hand account of their experience.

    Transplantation of organs is a complicated procedure which requires meticulous after-surgery care.
    Life after a kidney transplant allows you the liberty to do the things you love and enjoy without any hassles and with more freedom. The transplantation can provide you with many benefits, such as improved health. You no longer need to go through the process of dialysis. You may also start feeling that you have a better chance at life after the kidney transplant. However, you may need to follow instructions for post-surgery care as advised by your healthcare provider to live a long and healthy life, free of complications.

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